Magnificent scenery of the Qinling Mountains

时间:2020-06-11 16:13:18

Qinling is the dividing line between China's north and south, and it is also the watershed between the Yangtze River Basin and the Yellow River Basin. Since ancient times, literati have spoken highly of Qin Ling, poetry, prose, travel notes, and paintings about Qin Ling have been passed down from generation to generation. Modern people prefer to record Qinling with vivid pictures, which can truly reflect how majestic, magnificent and broad Qinling is.

The author shot the sunrise and the sea of clouds in the Qinling Mountains near Shangluo. Let us have a glimpse of the shocking and inspiring scene.


Magnificent scenery of Niubeiliang in Zhashui County

Sunrise in Niubeiliang in Zhashui County


Stirring sunrise and sea of clouds 


Mist curling up like a wonderland 


Blood pheasant in the mountains


Sunrise in Haitang Mountain in Zhen'an 


Sea of clouds like a wonderland 


Peaks enshrouded in endless clouds 

Daiyun Mountain is fifteen miles northwest of Shangzhou City, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province. With 1278.5 meters above sea level, Daiyun Mountain is the tallest among the mountains surrounding Shangluo City.

Sea of clouds on Daiyun Mountain


Magnificent rolling sea of clouds 

编辑: 张雯妮