Van Gogh Meets Xi'an in Summer 与梵高的星空之约 | 玩转西安

时间:2020-06-17 15:19:34

Xi'an as one of the "top ten ancient capitals in the world". Recently the western-style retro and ancient history are sparked in downtown Xi'an, setting off the a romance in this summer.


When we talk about Van Gogh, the famous impressionist painter, we always think of the passionate yellow, the rich blue, the sincere sunflower, and the flowing star. His works deeply affect the development of art in the 20th century.


Van Gogh's paintings are full of gorgeous colors and abstract expressions that attract deeply.


The art exhibitions inspired by his works are popular in China, among which Xi'an with strong artistic atmosphere is inevitable.



Van Gogh's starry sky merges with the ancient city of Xi'an to form a mysterious place.


With Van Gogh's paintings as the theme, a work is presented in a three-dimensional way, which can not only be touched, but also be placed in the magical shadow world. With a strong artistic atmosphere, each venue is full of different features.


Infinite Starry Sky 无限星空

This purple and blue sea of stars is so beautiful that people can't help holding their breath, as if they are in the vast universe. The lights are separated and interlaced, making people have a feeling of crossing time and space. Thousands of stars become the eyes of the most romantic vast galaxy. It's so amazing!


Diamond Cave  钻石之眼

It is said that the diamond here is made according to the section of the legendary 110 Carat Yellow Diamond "Tears of the sun". The whole scene is fashionable and cool, beyond your expectation.


Neon Forest  呼吸森林


The lamp which can change by 360° with the light. It has been listed as one of the "top 10 global exhibitions". Countless layers of lamps are hanging in disorder, changing colors, like Thailand's Water Lantern Festival.


Kaleidoscope Mirror Maze  万花筒镜子迷宫


You should be careful when you come here. This is a magical world. You don't know where to go because of the dazzling multi-dimensional view. There are countless "yourselves" around you, but you will bump into the mirror if you are not careful. Sometimes you can see others, but you can't touch them.


Van Gogh 4D Painting  梵高4D画


The 4D scenes can be seen everywhere in the venue, so that you can enjoy Van Gogh's art at a close distance. You can't miss these scenes if you want to take funny photos.


Glowing Wall  紫光森林

Luminous pictures with strong color on the wall is inspired by Van Gogh's painting starry sky. Sunflowers are full of  both sides under the wall , which give you a magical and peaceful feeling. If you meditate here, maybe all the troubles will be solved.


LED Hall  镜幻宫


Countless strings of LED "Pearl curtain lights" are shining in the air, as if you are in the world wrapped by crystal around hazy and beautiful silver halls.

无数串儿晃动着的LED“珠帘灯”,在空中时暗时明闪闪发光,犹如置身在水晶包裹的世界里 ,满眼都是朦胧而唯美的银色殿堂。 

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地址 Place: Second floor of Huifangli, Hui Street, Beiyuanmen, Lianhu District.


时间 Time: 10 AM —10 PM

Note:Please wear a mask and show the health QR code when entering the venue . At the same time, please cooperate with the staff in temperature testing and real name registration.



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