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Do you know where has the blue sky, green grass and fresh air?

It must be Guanshan Grassland!





Guanshan grassland, as the only provincial scenic spot with European style, is located in the southwest of Longxian, Baoji. It is a famous natural pasture since ancient times because of its abundant grass and forest, plenty of rain and vast area.


The formation of the Guanshan grassland is not overnight. As the early years of the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Qin ancestor Feizi was here to feed horses for the royal family of the Zhou Dynasty. After the Qin Dynasty was unified, Longxian became a place for strategists to conquer. Even the horses in history could not live without Guanshan grassland. Nowadays, it has become a local tradition to raise horses and ride horses.


Riding Horse 草原骑马


There are more than 2000 horses in Guanshan Scenic spot, of which more than 400 are trained, quarantined, selected and available for tourists to ride. If you want to wanton fast horse whip, here is definitely the right choice, the vast grasslands on both sides of the mountain, lush forests, colorful flowers and plants, simple picturesque pastoral scenery will make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city and integrate into nature.


Of course, you can also ride a horse leisurely walk on the prairie, feeling the gentle breeze blowing through.


Archery 草原射箭


Archery has a long history in China. The archery in Guanshan is the most popular outdoor archery competition, which perfectly integrates competition and entertainment.


The distance between archery and target is 30-90 meters. The target is painted with five colored scoring rings. It is made of white, black, blue, red, and the bull's eye is made of gold from the outside to the inside. The golden bull's eye is called "yellow eye". Scoring method: score one point when shooting in the white ring outside, and score 10 points when shooting in yellow eye.


Grass Skiing 山地滑草


Have you tried grass-skiing?

Grass-skiing, rised in the southeastern coastal area, is relatively rare in the northwest, it glides along the grassland from the high hillside on the basis of weight and height difference. Special equipment is required to ensure safety, such as helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, tracks, professional shoes and walking sticks.



The core action of sliding grass is to master the balance of the body. During the  process of sliding , the body center of gravity must be consistent with sliding . The feet should be naturally separated with your feet shoulder and paralleled sliding. It sounds easy, it's not easy to do, come and challenge it!


Bonfire Party 篝火晚会


When the night falls, loud singing breaks through the silent night, and the red bonfire burns in the laughter, which makes people follow the local customs, and dance with the aborigines on the grassland. With starry sky, simple smile, this party is destined to become the most unforgettable grassland memory!


Cloudsea in Guanshan 关山云海


Here, the sky is not only the stars in the night, but also the magnificent silver clouds during the day. Like Wonderland, romantic and spectacular, let people relaxed and happy.


Kite Flying 草场放风筝


Here the terrain is vast, used to fly kites is also good, you can run freely, fiends can also race and bet to see whose kite flies the highest.


Guanshan Grassland enjoys the reputation of "Little Tianshan Mountain", makes people forget to return.


European architecture 欧式建筑


The European architectural style of town is orderly located on the grassland. The bright red roof catches the eyes. It's like walking into the European fairy world. How can such a campsite hotel not be fascinating?


Zip Lines 高空滑索


Zip lines is a kind of non-powered amusement project that slides freely by its own weight and height difference. You can imagine the beautiful view of the grassland when standing on the top of the mountain. You can feel the excitement and heartbeat in the beautiful scenery and the wind.


Local Food 特色美食

关山牧场10.JPG​       Longxian buckwheat noodles 陇县荞面饸饹


Guanshan roast lamb 关山烤全羊

Here the most famous is Guanshan roasted whole sheep, first will just be slaughtered sheep smeared seasoning, put on the fire roasted, the final product color is yellow, crispy meat tender, fresh fragrance abnormal. Every bite is the best taste in the world.



1. Guanshan grassland is high above sea level, the weather is changeable, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. Please prepare sunscreen and clothes in advance.

2. Because the core scenic spot does not have a gas station and is far from the county, remind to check the oil meter before driving.




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