Shaanxi Promotes Digitalized Taxation Filing

时间:2020-06-22 13:53:46



On June 18th, the reporter learned from the Xi'an Branch of the People's Bank of China: As of the end of May, more than 70 enterprises in Shaanxi Province have made digitalized filing and payment through the digitalized taxation syatem, with an amount of US$400 million, accounting for 45% of the province's service trade payment of over US$50,00.


The electronic taxation filing for external payment of service trade and other projects in Shaanxi was launched on November 25, 2019. Under the joint promotion of the People's Bank of China Xi'an Branch and the Shaanxi Provincial Tax Service, State Taxation Administration, the electronic system for taxation filing adopts the online business hall model to support local enterprises' filing in different places, which greatly facilitates corporate tax filing and foreign exchange payment. The electronic taxation filing enables enterprises to complete taxation filing and foreign exchange payment without leaving home.


The People's Bank of China Xi'an Branch and the Shaanxi Provincial Tax Service, State Taxation Administration have strengthened cooperation to address the issue of low acceptance of digitalized tax fiings among new enterprises. "Online Serives Guide" was sent through Wechat account and other channels to over 700 enterprises that requires digitalized filing for foreign payment of over US$50,00. At the same time, 138 key customers of foreign-related enterprises in Shaanxi received accurate service assistance through activities that enable party members and officials of the Shaanxi Branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange to contact key foreign-related enterprises.


编辑: 张雯妮