​How Can the "Germane Express" Be So Fast?

时间:2020-06-22 14:02:03


On June 4, a "Germane Express" of China Railway Express (Chang'an), loaded with solar photovoltaic modules, departed from the port of Xi'an to Neuss, Germany. This "German Express" operated by ITL Group regularly departs from Xi'an every week and can reach Neuss, Germany, about 9400 kilometers away in only 10 to 12 days. It is currently the world's fastest international railway transportation channel of Sino-Europe freight.


It only takes 10 to 12 days from Xi'an to German, a 5 days' reduction from previous 17 days. Why is the "German Express" so fast?


"The shorter transit time is mainly due to the continuous optimization of the transport route. The "German Express" is an all-rail transportation route that maximizes the transportation efficiency. It avoids the traditional  border-crossing point Malaszewicze so as to avoid the congestion during the peak freight period and it can make the most of the extended advantages of the wide-gauge railway." the person in charge of ITL Group said.


The launch and operation of the "German Express" trains will maximize the effectiveness and promote the transformation of the China-Europe trains  from quantity-oriented to quality-oriented. This route will become a stable and efficient "Silk Express" connecting Xi'an and Europe.


At present, the "German Express" has bacome a stable round-trip, and it will be increased to 2 flights per week from July. The successful experience of the "German Express" has a "chemical reaction" in the industry and has played a leading role in improving the overall level of the industry as a number of companies running Sino-Europe freight train begin to pay attention to the quality and timeliness.


The outbreake of the epidemic has made the timeliness advantage of "German Express" more obvious. Many high-tech, high-value-added customers who only considered air transportation in the past have turned their eye to the China-Europe Railway Express (Chang'an), mainly to "German Express".


China Railway Express (Chang'an) "Germane Express" is a positive exploration. The Chang'an trains back and forth have shortened the trade distance between many demostic cities and countries and regions along the "Belt and Road", becoming the first choice for many customers. China Railway Express (Chang'an)  will continue to develop services for other European ports and bring more ports into extended network of the "German Express" .

编辑: 张雯妮