This is Shaanxi: Lingbao Gorge

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Lingbao Gorge is located in Xiangquan Town, Chencang District, Baoji City. It is known for its unique Danxia landform that is rarely seen in Shaanxi. The gorge body is red-colored continental sedimentary rock, and the water-eroded landscape is quite amazing as if it was an arch carved by a sharp axe. Lingbao Gorge is one of the eight greatest scenic spots in Longzhou (today's Longxian County), and a main pass to Guanzhong area.

峡谷奇观/Lingbao Goege


Over 20 attractions can be found here, including Maiduo Mountain, Green Tassels, Crescent Lake, Baiyin Temple, Lingbao Seal, Mirrior of History, Tortoise and Rabbit Enlightenment, and Thirteen Heroes' Statues. With perilous natural landscape, profound cultural heritage, and pleasant temperature, Lingbao Gorge is a summer resort excellent for sightseeing, leisure, and adventure.

麦垛山/Maiduo Mountain

大佛洞/Buddha Cave

青黛流苏景观/Green Tassels

月牙湖/Crescent Lake

灵宝峡景区谷底/floor of Lingbao Gorge





Tickets: 36 yuan/person. (It is free to tourists from all over the country as of December 31, 2020.)

Tel: 0917-3985898

Address: Lingbao Gorge Scenic Area, Nanyu Village, Xiangquan Town, Chencang District, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province

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