Walnut sculptures feature Water Margin 108 figures

时间:2020-09-23 17:01:40

Hand-carved walnut sculptures feature Water Margin's 108 characters. /Photo via China Business Daily

A physics teacher in China's Shaanxi Province has wowed many with his hand-carved sculptures featuring the 108 characters in the classic Chinese novel "The Water Margin": all the sculptures were made out of walnut shells!

Fei Junlong, 52, has been making walnut sculptures for nearly four decades, according to China Business Daily. It took him four years to finish the 108 pieces of work.


Fei Junlong works on his sculptures. /Photo via China Business Daily

One sculpture made by Fei Junlong. /Photo via China Business Daily

"I'm a fan of 'The Water Margin' novel. That's why I made such sculptures. I chose the 108 walnuts from over 1,000, based on their sizes, shapes and wrinkles. I made the sculptures mainly in my spare time," said Fei.

Nut carving, the miniature folk art of carving fruit and nut pits, has been practiced in China for centuries. Fei said that he is now working on his next sculpture series, featuring characters from another classic Chinese novel "The Journey to the West.”


编辑: 张雯妮