Shaanxi and Antwerp Established Ties for 35 years

时间:2020-09-25 13:43:15


​On September 24, the celebration of the 35th anniversary of sister-province relationship between Shaanxi and Antwerp was held through video connection. Shaanxi Governor Zhao Yide and Antwerp Governor Cathy Berx delivered speeches. Vice Governor Xu Datong and Antwerp Vice Governor Kai Le also attended the event.



In his speech, Zhao Yide said that in the past 35 years since Shaanxi and Antwerp have established their relationship, the two sides have carried out fruitful cooperation in many fields such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, cultural relics protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, education and poverty alleviation, earthquake and disaster relief. Shaanxi and Antwerp have offered mutual assistance and staunch support to each other, and engaged in close cooperation since the COVID-19 outbreak, Zhao said, noting this is a vivid illustration of two sides sharing weal and woe and boasting firm friendship. Zhao added that may the two sides take the meeting as an opportunity to enhance innovative and open cooperation for all. He also encourage all walks of life on both sides, especially the younger generation, to devote themselves to the cause of friendship, and promote exchanges and cooperation so as to better benefit the peoples of the two sides.


Cathy Berx said that over the past 35 years of friendly relations, the two provinces have achieved a series of exciting achievements in exchanges and cooperation. She expressed their sincere thanks to Shaanxi as Shaanxi provided strong support and help to Antwerp, especially during the epidemic. Berx hoped that the two sides will continue to strengthen pragmatic cooperation and intensify people-to-people exchanges so as to deepen the friendship between the two provinces.


Before the celebration, Zhao Yide met with Cathy Berx via video link.


Li Mingyuan, Mayor of Xi'an City, Fang Weifeng, Secretary-General of the Provincial Government, and officials from relevant departments and enterprises of the two provinces attended the event.

编辑: 张雯妮