This is Shaanxi: Maweiyi in Xingping City

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Maweiyi is the first courier station on the ancient Silk Road, which started from Chang'an to the west region. With the thriving commerce and trade, Chang’an, the capital of the Tang Dynasty(618-907), was by then the most prosperous city in the world, yet gradually declining after wars and mutinies.


Maweiyi is always connected with the poignant love story between Li Longji (685 - 762, the longest serving emperor in the Tang Dynasty) and his cherished concubine YangYuhuan. Due to the stirred-up mutiny, such a peerless romance was buried in the loess with Yang Yuhuan hanged to death. Plain as it is, the tomb at Maweiyi stands still for thousands of years, always resonating with this tale.


Over time, the Maweiyi Folk Culture Village, perfectly combining modern life and history, has developed upon the unique historical elements of the Huangshan Palace(a royal Taoist temple built in 193 BC during the Han Dynasty). Surrounded by clusters of trees and flowers, the buildings inside are arranged orderly. Also, the landscape waterfalls, sculptures, and pavilions add great cultural charm to the village.


The Maweiyi today is fully permeated by folk customs, with the local architecture, decoration and culture all flavored with the folk spirit. The old artists, performing Chinese traditional opera on the theatre tower, sing out all the vicissitudes of life.


There are also folk artists performing juggling and unique tricks from time to time every day, giving the tourists a solid thrill.


The food here is also memorable, attracting countless tourists to stop and taste.

马嵬驿民俗文化村还曾荣获 “中国最美乡村” 称号,美的是源远流长的历史,更是薪火相传的民俗文化。

Once awarded as "China's Most Beautiful Village", Maweiyi Folk Culture Village is well known for the profound history and the folk culture passed for generations.

地址: 陕西省兴平市马嵬办事处李家坡村



Address: Lijiapo Village, Office of Maweiyi, Xingping City

Tickets: Free

Opening hours: All day


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