Glory of the Silk Road

Shaanxi is not only the starting point of historical Silk Road but also an important cradle of Chinese nation. It was where the ancient Chinese civilization started to reach out to the rest of the world.READ MORE

Rich in Natural Resources

Shaanxi is located at the geographic center of China. Qinling Mountains, Yellow River, Weihe Plain and Hanjiang River provide this fertile land with rich natural resources.READ MORE

Thrive and Prosper

With an advantageous geographic location, Shaanxi can easily connects all parts of China, which benefits Shaanxi on further developing its hi-tech industry, agriculture, education and aviation.READ MORE

Going Global

Shaanxi is not only a world renowned tourist destination, but has become the gateway and once again stood on the leading position for China’s opening to the outside world.READ MORE

An Open China
Shaanxi Engaging the World