• Cross the No Man's Land【II】

    Suffering from extreme coldness and lack of oxygen and food,the team still has a long way to go.Will they make it?

  • We Lighted Latern Festival by Hands

    Wang Xujiang and his wife have been weaving lantern for decades. In old times, bamboo slices helped them raise children, while today it conveys their spirit.

  • Cross the No Man’s Land 【I】

    In the autumn of 2016, a cross country team started their journey of crossing the no man’s land from Shaanxi. What challenges will they encounter on the road?

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11th China Art Festival Ended

The continuous 16-day of the 11th China Art Festival in Shaanxi successfully ended.

Shaanxi New Economic Development

Shaanxi is now relying on innovation drive to realize its economic transformation.

Yuki's Trip to Hanzhong

Yuki, a Japanese girl who is interested to Chinese history, decided to go to Hanzhong.

Shen Yi's Trip to Weinan

Shen Yi had a trip to Weinan. Weinan is in the east of Xi’an famous for Mount Huashan.

Two Korean Girl’s Trip to Shangluo

This time we started our trip in Qinling Mountains and had two Korean girls as guests.

Jade Sculpture

Lantian jade was very famous, the archaic jade source is hard to find due to the earthquake.

Carve on Peach Pit

Peach wood has been considered auspicious that can eliminate the evil since ancient times.

Mr. Dried Persimmon

I’ve been making dried persimmon all my life. It is a traditional skill in Fuping.

Hero for Dessert Control

He is over 70 years old, whose half a lifetime has been spent on desert control.

Time-tested Gourmet Food

Dishes on table of Shaanxi today may be the gourmet food enjoyed by ancient emperors.

Roasted Whole Chicken

Roasted Whole Chicken is put in a calabash-shaped plate when eating, making it different.

Biangbiang Noodles

It is one of the eight peculiarities which are very popular among the local folks.